The Seven Dating Rules

Are you interested in having best dating experience without having a failure.You must follow the seven dating rules which helps you to have wonderful dating experiences

1. Never be too much pushy

You might meet girls in public transport or in a party or at your college/ office. You might be interested in asking her for a date; but not all your dating request will be accepted by girls. If a girl says she’s not interested, it means she’s NOT interested in having a date with you. Never try too hard to get her for a date. That will back fire you and will lose your opportunity for a date another time.

The girl might not be interested to come out for a date on that day/time, but there is always a chance to get another time. If you are too pushy in taking her out, she will lose all the interest on you and will never turn towards you. If you need that you can be pushy with her of the first time itself.

2. Never Insult the girl

Another important dating rule is never insult the girl when you are going out or in a conversation. Do not talk in an offending way even if the wrong is on the other side. A simple insult will tore apart your dream date and relationship into pieces. You might think it as a small argument but the girl might take it in a big way and will turn her back to you and might walk away.

Girls are sensitive and love to be treated as how they are. If you do not treat them properly they will not be interested in having any more dates with you. Remember every time you date the girl you are having a better chance of understanding her and express yourself to her. When both u and the female you are dating are comfortable you guys will enter into a serious long term relationship which will be fruitful in your life. Do you want to lose a wonderful opportunity of getting a girl for long term relationship, INSULT HER.?

3. Always Compliment Her

Always be the best and be in best outfit when you are going out with your girl for a date. The same applies to the girls also. Girls always come in best outfit when it comes to a date or a party where they can meet guys like you. Always compliment them and they love compliments. A simple compliment about their dress is an ice breaker between two personals and girls will feel comfortable with the guy who complimented them.

Girls love to get their outfits attractive and to be the topic of discussion. They flaunt their outfits to the guy with whom they date. Some Girls do not check whether the outfit they wearing is a perfect fit for their body or not. They just want some compliments from the guy whom they date. So compliment the girl’s outfit even if you find it not suitable for a compliment.

4. No Girlie Talks

You might have dated some good number of girls before, but you must treat your girl your date like the first one. Girls love to talk about other girls to everyone, but they don’t like the same when a guy tries to talk about other girls to them. Never mention other girl’s while dating. It is a turn off for the girls. Even if the girl you are dating speaks about some other girls you know, keep your emotions calm and just listen. Do not react to their talks because you will lose them when you respond. Never speak about the girls that you dated before. Never mentioned what is the best thing you saw with the girl you dated previously.

5. Always Pay for the bills from your wallet

You might not spend much when you go out, But if you want to have a date with a girl in your city, you must not look at the expenses. Girls love to see their guys paying their bills when they go out with them. If you say the girl to pay for her expenses then it is a big turnoff for them and will rethink to have a date with you again. Never take a girl to dinner place where you go often, take them to a nice restaurant for dinner (even if it is expensive). Let the girl whom you are dating order her dinner and don’t introduce your choices of the food. After the dinners do not let them to open their purse even if they insist. You pay yourself using your cards. Girls will be impressed when the guy whom they date pays their dinner bill and you win the chance of having another date with the girl. Impression is more important in dating game and every second counts to impress your girl.

6. Be a gentleman

Some dating advisers write only bad guys get beautiful date and a nice gentleman does not have lot of chances of getting a date. We actually deny that word completely. Always girls want to be treated nicely and gently. But a bad guy does not treat a girl nicely. They might be attractive in their outer looks but they do not know how to treat the girl with whom they date. Bad guys seldom care to acknowledge the girl’s presence and how can a girl accept that when she is interested in getting compliments. Mostly Bad guys get beautiful girls as their date for one time. Their chances of having further date with the same girl will be very less because the girl might not be interested in getting treated like “just another date”.

So you be a gentleman with your date and win the chances of getting more date. How can you be a gentleman with your girl? Gentleman stuff is not like keeping safe distance, it is all about manners. When you go out with your date for a dinner, you always make a habit of pull her chair for her. Compliment her, open your car door for her first, treat her like your princess and whatever counts. This will make her to feel you like a gentleman and will be impressed.

7. Be on time.

We write this always, in dating game you must maintain punctuality. If you don’t maintain punctuality the girl might dump you and you will loose all the chances of getting another date. Never make your girl to wait for you. You can wait for them but not they wait for you. Maintaining punctuality is a hardest thing in this earth since we have lot of environmental factors to deal with. If you find you cannot make it on time, call your girl and tell them about it. But never make it a habit of going late with some reasons. Girls are cleaver enough to find it very easily and you will be out of dating game.